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Ofer Ilan - CEO

Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and a Master’s degree in Law. One of the founders of the Makor Energy Solutions LTD, he has extensive experience in running large ground based solar energy projects. In the past, he founded the Taurus-IL Ltd. investment house.

Eyal Ilan – VP Finances

A Practical Ground and Water Engineer by training, in the past he served as a Product Manager at the Angel Company and also as the IT Manager and Ground and Water Control Manager at the K. P. Company. He is one of the founders of the Makor Energy Solutions LTD and has a great deal of experience in identifying, designing and establishing ground level and above ground (roof top based) solar energy projects.

Idan Tito – Technical Manager 

Studied and specializes in metalworking and gas and plastic pipe welding. He previously manufactured and set up cold storage facilities and hen houses. He is one of the pioneers of solar energy in Israel and has a deep understanding of the design of solar systems and associated metal construction frames. He is currently responsible at the Company for the technical set up of the systems.

Avinoam Ilan – Project Manager 

An Industrial Engineering Graduate, he is one of the pioneers of solar energy in Israel. Highly experienced in the management of solar projects of various sizes, both ground based as well as roof top based projects

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